Are you healthy ?

Not all you see is healthy , not all girls that have a sexy body , slim or skinny, chubby or the boys that have a really hot body , i mean abs or muscles or body look good is healthy .

Not proper! Eating healthy foods! , sleep , exercise , you know guys not all of those things are really pretty good but some of them are really pretending .


How to get a fast followers on instagram

I have my account on instagram and please for those who followed my first account on instagram that @v.ohish please guys unfollow it !, i can’t use it anymore now , i don’t know why, theres something was happened! So i have my new account you can followed it @httpxinsp and after 2 days or 1 day i got a 100 new plus followers and i’m saying that guys! I’m not a  popular person
But i can reached it and on my first account i reached 700 plus followers uhmmm … if u really want to have a lots of followers you can try to do this , its my own tips , please trust me i’m not kidding this is true.


The effective thing that you can really do is to followback.

Use a good camera for having a selfie pictures, or posting your at the momment pictures!, place or whatever you want.

Post a good photos , and please avoid using too much filter , just be your self , use one only filter then edit it. Don’t mix another filter.

Use hashtag signs

Try to comment in other pictures like having a compliment with them or like ” F4F ( follow for follow ) , L4L ( like for like ) , R4R ( Recent for recent ) , row 4 row , etc. )

a good and lovely attractive bio.

makes your instagram wall so attractive.

Vintage outfit


Floral is really lovely , its perfect to combined it on cream color cardigans or kimono , but i really love this another one that black because i can really express here my self if how do i style my self if what i really love and like .

Peoples go every when they want but its better if you’re showing your own style , that very adorable look.

IG: httpxinsp
Twitter: ayeishhh

Simple casual look


I got this latest look from tumblr i actually , searching for many styles if how do i look if i wear this and what if i don’t like this! , But i search and i found something very look classy so i try this and i really love it , i love being stylish not shoppaholic haha…

Blazer: i got this from my aunt. And she gave that to me
Shirt: i got this from store and its not expensive i buy this in just only 100 peso
Jeans: i think i got my jeans from the mall and the brand is lee pipes

IG: httpxinsp
Twitter: ayeishhh

The easy ways to shopping ( Philippines Shopping Brochures )

Hola! , Welcome to my site and whats the easy way to shopping?

This is on the philippines and because i’am from the philippines i will share some few things that can help! if you want to shopping in the philippines. This is what my mom and me using to buy something new things

So some of the peoples here in the philippines who can offer you and they will tell you that they have a brochure of MSE , NATASHA so that they will give it to you the brochure and you can think and you can choose so that you can buy it to them just to say i will order this an here’s the brands that i use , MSE , NATASHA and AVON you can search it on google and to see if whats the image of that.

Its helping and its really easy 😄

My Highheels History , Keep Calm and Keep Walking

I really love highheels , i weared 5 inch. for now because my mom doesn’t allowed me to use 6 inch. For now haha…


So whats the interested things that i see on using high heels and what is the advantages of using high heels?

I love heels and shoes is one of my favorite collections but i don’t buy shoes or heels everyday i only buy it every once in a year like 2 pairs of shoes and thats it!

Whats the advantages using heels?
you look stunning when your using highheels
• You will feel something sexy when your walking
• Look fabulous …
• Giving you more confident and you feel high haha!
• Looks more beautiful than what you expect

And etc. Comment if you like it 😘